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Sunday Mass Service

Spiritual Campfire is Lit

Dec 3, 2023 • Pastor Daniel Lantis

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12am MN

More Sunday Messages

Join us for our Sunday Mass live streaming! We are excited to offer a virtual option for those who are unable to attend in person or would prefer to participate from the comfort of their own homes.

we are in war

We are in a War

Join us this Sunday for a thought-provoking service as we delve into the theme, "We Are in War. Explore the spiritual and personal battles we face in our daily lives and discover how to find strength, resilience, and hope in the midst of life's challenges.

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Oct 1, 2023

thank you lord

Thank You!

Join us for this Sunday's service as we come together to express our gratitude in the topic, "Thank You" We will explore the power of gratitude, reflect on our blessings, and give thanks for all the goodness in our lives.

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Sept 24, 2023

love of God

The Love of God

Discover the boundless, unwavering love that transcends all boundaries and find inspiration in the profound depth of God's love for each and every one of us. It's a message of hope, compassion, and the power of love that you won't want to miss.

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Sept 10, 2023

Praise and worship

Two Hour Ministry

No matter where you are on your spiritual path, you're invited to join us in this fulfilling endeavor. Together, let's discover the joy of a shared purpose, the comfort of a supportive community, and the inspiration that comes from seeking something greater than ourselves.

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Aug 20, 2023

Praise and worship

Praise and Worship Jesus with Us

Experience a spiritual journey filled with uplifting music, heartfelt prayers, and a deep sense of community. Elevate your spirit and connect with others as we celebrate the love and teachings of Jesus in unity.

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Aug 13, 2023

Band of Warriors for Christ

Jesus in the BOWFC - Part 4

Discover the profound teachings of Jesus in the Band of Warriors for Christ - Part 4, in our inspiring Sunday Mass service. Join us as we delve into the wisdom of scripture and explore its relevance in our modern lives.

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Aug 6, 2023

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